Lover’s Dream

In my dreams

I shall meet you

upon this eve

I wait by

the river

our souls

flowing together

dancing against

the shadow

of this bluest


take my hand


with me


the moonbeams

and stardust


the dawn

far away


broken promises


the sun will shine

again within

a broken heart

love heals

thus allow

love to become

the blood that

flows through

your veins

right into your

deepest heart

so you

can recall

the essence

of your



MM 2015


Beautiful soul

right here

right now

those three words

you said to me

were the

most important


I ever heard




I felt

so sad


I know you

meant them


is the answer

so I will tell you

that I love you too

as I feel it

in my soul

as I sit here

all alone


by your love

MM 2015


I wish

I could

pull down

those ignorant boundaries


you from me

I want to open my eyes

so I can see

there is no difference


you and me

open my heart

so I can feel

that our human connection

is divine

and real


this energy

that flows

between us


that it

is not surreal

the differences

within our cultures

they are no big deal

open my mind

so I can understand

the illusion

of separateness

we are sold


is abusive

the lies unfold

script remains

the same

but the saga

is growing old

I reach out

across these

invisible borders


you and me

let us call

for liberation

human rights

to be free


our similarities

narrowing the line

the divide

being created

between you and me.

MM 2015

Stolen Moments

stolen moments

37 minutes

one way

smiling reflections

against dark


night skies

silently knowing


other’s thoughts

staring into

each other’s


passionate heart


riverside walks


beside you

in the long


dogs bark





all alone

wandering in woods

on my own

one last

summer’s day


setting sun



go away.

MM 2015

The Warrior

How can we learn to trust our innate ability to develop and heal if our environment does not support our journey. If we are constantly been told that there is something wrong with the way we view the world, you kind of going to believe it as you are unaware.

Until we do really become ‘mentally’unwell, then we may have began the ‘long dark journey of the soul’, as we start to question that very environment that conditioned us. At this stage, we need courage to stand against a system that is broken and find others who too have reached the point of no-return.

There is an movement of ‘enlightened beings’ who are awakening and we need to reunite to become strong, to seek the truth and oppose what does not make sense on our intuitive level. The entire universe is inside each of us, you do not know how powerful you really are until you go inward, what have we got to loose, give it a try.

As a warrior of the universe and a child of unconditional love, I stand up against all that I have been taught and start to question everything. I do not need courage because I understand GRACE and I have walked in the valley of death for so long, that I have become fearless. I fill my heart with gratefulness and as I become one with all that is, I too become more compassionate. The weapons we need to fight those ignorant armies are not guns but our ability to be the greatest force of all – unconditional love and acceptance.

There will be those you understand and will join me and others who fear the truth, but we all have our own journey. May we find our truth! The Warrior in me respects the warrior in you.

Life is not as complicated as we make it!

If emotion is ‘only’ energy-in-motion, then why are we using medication to suppress a natural process?

Surely we need to look back at the way our ancestors supported each other and used natural substances such as herbs and TLC to resolve emotional distress. Not to place a label on a process we fear and do not understand, that neatly leads to a system of more medication and labelling…chicken, egg??

Those wise elders, they did not believe children should be seen and not heard but let them express themselves freely. They did not use others for their personal gain whist allowing them to live in depressing circumstances and to beg for food and water.

No, the wise sage used a natural balanced diet to regulate moods and nurture the body, herbs to soothe the restless souls and comfort to console an aching heart.

The community was used to develop close functional equal relationships where everyone had a important part to play within the structure of the tribe. No-one was excluded regardless of their dysfunctionality or inability to perform.

It is not rocket science, neuroscience but the science of compassion and interconnectedness, kindness and love, for self and the other. It is the innate drive to reach our full potential, and everyone did, everyone was a hero in the story, the ending was always a successful one at the end of each day. This is the kind of world I would like my children to grow up in.

We are amazing in our human development but in the race to be important, we seem to have forgot the most important need for humanity….


As an innocent child, I was awash with wonder. I could spend hours lost in creative contemplation, I had an imagination that bore all possibilities and held love for every person who entered into my day. Life was great and time just a concept, I was fully present and experiencing the beauty of life!

So how did I grow up so full of judgement, hatred, anger, self-righteous indignation, fear, shame, self-loathing and so forth (the list is endless).

What happened to the beautiful child within us all and how do we return to our most authentic way of being? It saddens me BUT there is hope, as I disregard all the BS that others taught me, as I see the systems upon systems within systems, systems that are there to entice me, seduce me, invite me, corrupt me, tell me how to be, think, talk and believe. As I travelled, deep inside into the essence of my soul, just behind the heart chakra, there I found my vulnerable, unconditioned authentic self known to me as my inner child. I invite her to reinvent herself in her truest form, to be that child within, to be free, to create, to speak out and even shout, to cry, to laugh, to BE.

Then something amazing happened, I saw the world through those innocent eyes, and for the first time, I knew LOVE.

People are going to let you down, because no-one can maintain the superficial sainthood placed upon them. Therefore, become the hero in your own story, fight for the cause that leads to your own effect.

Try to forgive the fallen angels and saints, but most importantly, learn compassionate understanding and we will see that everyone has a tale to tell. We are all just trying to make sense of the chaos and weave our way through the illusion of this fantastical life.

I forgive myself with loving kindness for the lack of understanding known as ignorance, fear of the unknown, judgemental projection and the constant accusing of others for my unaware constant mistakes. I take control of the tiger and the bull by his horns, for this is my life story, and from this day, I am going to shine. MM 2015