Loving Kindness and Compassion.

Awoke this morning

roof over my head

climbed out

my warm cosy bed

walk ten steps

to drink water clean

glanced out the window

at a world coloured green.

Opened the cupboard

found abundant food to eat

gave a thought

to the less fortunate

living on the street.

The lost and the lonely

full of empty hope

the desperate souls

who cannot longer cope.

To babies left crying

nothing to feed

then I recalled the government

along with the greed.

I ponded a moment

thought what to do

an epiphany appeared

we must unite

me and you.

We are all brothers and sisters

so why do we fight?

trying to prove

that we are all right!

Is it our self-righteous indignation

that gets in the way

we scream and we shout

with nothing to say.

The world has become

so hollow and cold

we not truly living

we just getting old.

I am powerless

to make an impact

here on my own

we are all the same soul

journeying back home.

Why do we insist on

living a false sense of being?

the way we treat each other

is frightfully obscene.

Start spreading the word

across these magnificent oceans

shake up our feeling of injustice

with all our wondrous emotions.

What will it take

for one soul to be heard?

to speak out for humanity

break to mould

move away from the herd.

I implore you my sisters

my brothers too

what on this earth

are we going to do?

To change the way

we create such hate

loving kindness and compassion

before it is too late.

MedusaMoon C 2015

Unrequited Love!

Wander though my mind

corridors of my despair.

Capture these deepest, darkest

thoughts I hold of you.

Feel this shiver

that traces my entire body

as I read your words.

Grasp the essence of my desire.

I can almost feel your warm breath

as if it dances on my skin.

I have never wanted someone

to touch me

as desperately

as I want you!

A tear rolls down my cheek

a sadden sign

I dream of you

my unobtainable love.

I hold this constant hopefulness

that one day

one day!

Alas, my romantic heart is eternally punished

it seems deemed that I shall die

with a heart

full of unexpressed love.

MedusaMoon 2015

Summer Loving!

I woke,
to find him near me.
I touch his skin
feeling his warmth.
Moving closer
he stirs.
he enters.
His hardness
firm and bold.
intimate love.
The sun shines
through the window
A beautiful start
to the day!
MM 2015

A life most beautiful!

The day I stood at the foot of a mountain, I discovered my insignificance. The walk that led me deep into the woods opened my eyes to the magnificence of creation. It was a lonely tear that fell into the ocean which allowed me to connect with the whole. The moment I allowed myself to sit within the darkness that surrounded me, my soul found illumination.

I had walked in the valley of death for years, lost and confused. The only way to survive was to eliminate this painful existence with every escapism and avoidance method created by man.  An empty vessel wondering from shore to shore in hope, that one day, I may once again feel alive. To walk in the sunshine, I needed to experience my shadow self, embrace those disowned parts-of-self that were the cause of my greatest shame.  I needed to acknowledge that these were a part of my psychodynamics, the process of being human. I learnt to sit in silence, as my inner demons manifested themselves, to gain a deeper understanding of the purposefulness of these darker forces.  I am human; the essence of being human is to explore both the dark and the light.

The greatest challenge was the realisation that everything I have ever been told was a fabrication. A structure created by man for man to exploit and control man, a nonsensical establishment for profit and gain! Then I found my freedom and was able to break down the walls of my own prison. I discovered individualisation and the courage to stand alone amid the madding crowd.

My journey led me to discover the art of psychotherapy, philosophy, Zen, Osho, Jung, Mindfulness, Buddhism, Shamanism, Paganism, art, music, poetry, compassion, non-judgemental kindness, empathy, humanity, love and grace. I am in a constant flow of learning, as an eternal student it is an exciting time to be evolving and awakening, as I move toward a more enlightened stance.  I hold my past with an element of understanding and forgiveness, I see my future as the exciting and unpredictable unknown, but most importantly, I feel the essence of each moment, for within this very moment, I experience life.

MM 2015


I don’t want to be the voice of reason,

I want to be the voice of innovation.

I cannot follow the conformist

If I want to walk in freedom.

To be able to understand order,

I need to experience chaos.

To feel the extent of the light,

I need to experience my own darkness.

To fully hold love for you,

Firstly, I need to accept me.

MM 2015

I am!

I survived things that confused me,
I survived things that abused me,
I survived things that destroyed me,
I survived things that nearly killed me,
I survived things that tried to break me,
I survived things that criticised me,
I survived the darkness that surrounded me,
I will continue to fight and survive,
I will never lose my faith in humanity,
I will never stop loving others,
I will keep being more compassion,
I will keep being me.

MedusaMoon 2015