Laws of Nature 1

‘If only we could find it in our hearts to be less judgemental towards others for their misguided decisions’.

‘If only we would allow them to live out the consequences of their misinformed choice with dignity and grace’.

‘Then we may find the compassion and kindness within our hearts to forgive them’. ‘Then we will understand the true meaning of unconditional love’.

‘Perhaps, once we learn to master this challenge, then and only then, demand that others understand our darkness with loving kindness and compassion’.  MM 2017


Post-modernism Hangover


The dawning

of a new morn

the coming

of an age

emotionally disable

blame it on a

faulty developmental stage

the meaninglessness

of existence


bitter twisted fact

zero-contract hours

on the edge of

being sacked

for holding

school-boy ambition


how the might crawl

lies hidden

inside discretion


they build a

higher wall


is there an option?

call this freedom of choice

they promised us liberation

whilst they suffocate

the only voice

of reason

justice was arrested

for treason

chemical ashes to

chemical ashes

nuclear dust to

nuclear dust

fearful reality

atoms split nations

governments are built

on corruption and rust

extracurricular activities

indulgent lust

powerless victimization

breeds discontent

the iron fist

squeezes the essence

out of the innocent

who is seemly


on the righteousness

of man


how many broken men

does it take to build

an empire?

an empire built

on sand

shotgun greeting

‘get off my land’

oh how the weak


stood outside

a rebellion

one last lost cause

do we have the right

to violence

if hidden behind

close doors?


selling happiness

in different colours

impossible to resist

a design for life

fake copy of

the cycle of life

in its completion

is a gift

to behold

destiny resides inside

embrace the grace

of growing old

‘still I buy me

everything they sold’

if the television

is a mirror

of how life

should be

truth shakes her head

the blindness she does see

crash test dummies

pronounced dead

designer pills

stops the monkeys

living inside my dread

creating the problem

offering  the solution

timeless masters

choke on the pollution

time-bomb ticking

the last grain

of sand falls

hour glass cracks

please explain

why the design for life

that they create

feels broken, crashed,

pointless, powerless

and so full of hate?


MedusaMoon c2016


Now more

than ever


each one of us

human beings

need to become

the change we seek

the love we need

our Mother Earth

she is dying

as we abuse her

with the same discontent

we do for any

objectified ‘thing’

when did man

fall so far from grace

that he would treat

his fellow man

equally as lost

and broken

with such distaste

at times

I shudder at being human

I feel ashamed

for the way

I judge

the colour

of your skin

I want to hide

my distorted beliefs

created by narcissists

disguised as heroes

powerful men

who take pleasure

at war games

playing risk

with my vulnerability

where are the warriors

among such men

where are those

who stand out of the crowd

in protest

where are the men

who hold such honour

that they would not

see another man suffer?

I want to see a

new dawn

on a

bright day


blue skies

I want to chase




and watch


MedusaMoon c2016

Daisy Chains

Why fight with me?

for is it I

whom threatens thee

with war




lack of human rights

no-where to exist

no humanity

look into my eyes

can you see my fear

surrounded by humans

who no longer

seem to care

these tears

roll down my face

alongside my dream

of a better place

hang a despondent head

down with its disgrace

can’t we see

our world is crying

feel the pain

so tired of trying

to explain

seen the planet

filling up with flames

we are running around

playing hunger games


before the song

remains the same


hang your coat

on top of its shame

it starts with me

cannot do it alone

it begins with thee

we cannot do it alone

daisy chains swinging

in the rain

hold my hand

we drift to a higher plain

I want to see

the sun arise

for another

millionth morning

let our children see

a better world

by creating a

new dawning

mushrooms circles


as I look at you

I see

you are as equally

as frightened as me

we just want to

be free

our worlds will be lost

once the take away

our ability to see


I will not give up

for we are stardust

the men with machines

all dressed in rust

we are all misguided

distorted trust

there is a rhythm

deep inside my heart

a new dimension

a brand new start

I hear an echo

resounded vibration

enlightened times

have just began

integration complete

we are all ONE!


MedusaMoon c2016


I believe in a world

where there is no need

for violence

a world where kindness

overrides narcissistic

power and control

I see a time when mankind

will become just that


where children

will be honoured








where woman

will be respected

for her individual


not just a 38-28-34

where humanity will remember

to open the door

for the old lady


to get by

where humanity will open

our hearts

thus not allowing

others to

stay down

or just die

in the name of progress

when man will find

the courage to


to the horrors

he sees

as he turns

a blind eye

starkly staring

whilst  starving children cry

themselves to sleep

you are either the wolf

or the fecking sheep

when will humanity

learn to weep

at the atrocities

we create

if we were born

out of love

how did we learn

so much hate?

did we fill

our distorted minds

with the nonsensical


written on the wall

the God complex

that humanity adopted

as we watch

chemical mountains fall

blood rivers run into the sea

humans locked inside

corporate chains

fighting to be free

who holds the key

to unlock humanity

the collective consciousness

in other words

you and me.


MedusaMoon c2016

Letter to the next Generation!

To the youth of today

we have a few things to say

first of all

we are sorry

that we stole

your future away

as we forced you

into education systems

that told you

you were dumb

the moment you expressed

an emotion

we would attack you

forcing you to become

uncomfortably numb

because we could not

heal our own hurts

we dumbed it

onto your back

the moment you opened

your mouth to complain

you were met with

a self-righteous slap

we blamed you

for your learnt behaviour

not noticing you were

imitating what you saw

as long as we were brutal

behind the closed front door

children should be seen

and not heard

yes, that is outrageous

never heard anything

as absurd

we tried to formulate

your careers

on the hopes and dreams

we went and lost

then we forced you

to become a mini-me

regardless of the cost

we could not get along

with each other

all we would do was fight

we left you with a class-war

I sure hope your

generations sets things right

that you learn to live together

in perfect harmony

that you go on to create

the brightest world

you will ever see

how I wish

we had listen to you

when you questioned

everything we said

maybe then we would

too have learnt something

or at least made sense of all

the nonsense inside

out own head

it is the responsibility

of my generation

to put this  straight

to encourage the

next generation

to be nothing other

than GREAT.


MedusaMoon C2016

The Nature of Trees


whilst out

just imagining things

wander amid

butterflies and bees

she started thinking

about the nature

of trees

the way they stood

so tall

every branch

stood on its own

but they all

met in the middle

so no-one need

to stand alone

each leaf

its own creation

every flower

a pretty face

they were all

slightly different

yet not one stood


no branch stood

in completion

not one twing

ran a rat’s race

a tree in all its entity

was dressed with

elegance and grace

then she ponder

a little more

how could tree

be so complete?

they will grow

on pastures green

or down any

lonely street

suddenly she noticed

that trees roots

are very strong

its trunk was all

so mighty

there was not right

there was not wrong

every tree

hang out together

gently swaying in harmony

they did not  fight

each other constantly

no, they were

just getting along


what will be

will surely be

how she wished

that the humans

she knew

so very well

could be very much

the same

no her silent

living hell

if they too

could have

the nature of trees

just for a while

maybe then

they will

remember her name

maybe she would

learn to smile.


MedusaMoon c2016

Sacred Skin

As she danced

gracefully by me

I saw her sacred satin skin

it was beautifully translucent

but the scars

were wearing thin

kris-crossed upon her entity

woven realms

of disowned pain

moments of disturbed madness

thus preventing

her from going insane

each scar

spoke to me

some would whisper

others would shout

many were laced

with low-self-esteem

other bore memoires

of loathsome self-doubt

plenty were extremely deep

as they bore

near to the bone

scars that would secrets keep

red raw ones stood out

all on their own

one scar would end

where another did start

all those lonely moments

sat nursing a broken heart

some held names

of all the bullies

filled with fear

occupying fright

as they help her

hide away

her shamefulness

cutting, cutting

every day

every night

scars became a suit of armour

as they wrapped around

her tiny frame

to keep her protected

from the constant

verbal abuse

violent torment

countless times

she was rejected

every mutilation

a memory untold

each disfigurement

countless years

hidden away

growing cold

beautiful girl

I saw your

sacred satin skin

but beyond

I saw your shine

in a split moment

I read your life

thank you

for you

had just enriched mine.


MedusaMoon c2016

Romantic Wander

On this day

I devote

my heart

to you

as I stand

by your side

with a promise

to be true

as I support you

at those crazy times

alongside those days

when you are feeling

a pale shade

of blue

to be a

morning star

on each frosty morn

the strength you need

to march on

the encouragement

needed to

help you along

a sunrise on each

frozen dawn

the bird song

that whispers

in the howling wind

the wind caught

within a ships sail

the storm of

passion that

spark within

the fires of my heart

will burn

with devotion

shall not fail

a tear drop

of emotion

the rivers that runs

free until they

reach the ocean

may you be

greeted with compassion

every step of the way

as you battle through

each night

as you rise on

each new day

the thoughts of you

they linger close

to my heart

absence is a killer

the weeks

we spend apart

every conversation

your essence

a delight

I feel the space

beside me

the one you filled

many a night

bitter-sweet separation

increases piety

deconstructed infatuation

disassembled projected disillusion


what will be

will surely be

but as you sail

the seven seas

i hold a promise

a wish

that when you return

it will be

to be

with me.


MedusaMoon c2016


She grew weary

of the enormity

of her misplaced


she was fed up

trying to be

the person

they told

she must be

courage gave her

the strength

to open

the cage of her

restricted possibilities

the exhausted stuck record

playing a dogmatic song

“what the hell is wrong

with me?”

compassion introduced


thus allowing her

wildness to run free

humanity opened her eyes

unconditional love gave

her fresh vision

liberating her

ability to see

she was part of

this universe

the very same universe

that is inside you

inside me

inside every bird, butterfly,


raindrop, rainbow

flower and tree!

MedusaMoon c2016