Domestic Bliss

Domestic bliss

Does not exist

No matter what they say.

The countless nights

I had to feel, the force

Of your fist against my jaw.

Broken ribcage

Five times

maybe more.

Green eyes, once shining

Have deaden.

My once attractive appearance

Has turned into bruises and marks

While scars are now imprinted

Upon my ivory skin.

Beauty,  now deformed.

Yet, I allow you to enter

As if, I begged for this all.

Sirens surrounding

Flashing blue lights

As I lay in a pool

Of my own blood.

Fading in and out

Of consciousness

I watch

as they take you

Away for sentencing.

How long can they

Keep you from me.

The moment you escape

The long arm of the law

You’ll return in a rage

To destroy me once more.

Once strong

I would hope to

Fight back and to prove

That I have a choice.

Not to be so abused.

But to stand up to you

With all of my might

And knock you right down

For justice

my right.

To be free from this

Domestic violence

No-one should endure.

What I need to face

Laid here on the floor

No honour or grace.

As the drag you away

The monster you are

The one who had just

Jumped on my head and

Smash in my face.

MM c 2015


Recurring dreams

Nightmarish escapism,

Haunted whispers


Through these bones.

Blood rushing

Inside the pathways

Of my veins,

Heart pulsating

Heaving bosom

Louder, faster,

Yet so cold.

All consuming

Fear and dread,

Twisted laughter

Constant drooling.

I wait as

The door swings open,

Enter monster

Green eyed,

Wolf disguised

In lamb’s skin,

Beast who comes

To eat my flesh.

Only hope is to survive,

Before my nemesis

Comes to wake me,

Please don’t let him

Take me alive.

In capture!

In capture

so sudden

without knowing

no reason

only dreaming

so lonely

clinging onto all emotion

I need this

too badly


losing all control


This power beholds me

my darkest hour


so fucked

I try


I feel you all around me

come hither

you need me to want you.

Stop hiding

I draw you onto me

my warmth

divine comfort

If only

just stroke my hair

once again

to watch you

hear you


So fresh


with beauty

I have dreamt of you

for so long


  • 2010 MedusaMoon

Bluest blue

Bluest blue

Distance grows

between us tonight

this love you promised

just don’t feel right

your mouth is so bitter

no longer tastes of honey

you may be laughing but

it just was not funny.

What a joker, who

spent all my money

you are so dangerous

should come with

a warning

was it late at night

or early morning?

I awoke

then realised

You were sporting

a mask

plastic disguise

time to leave

go into hiding

you were scheming

I was deciding

how this horror story ends

what is our fate

heaven know no rage

as love turned to hate.

MedusaMoon 2014

Free Spirit!

I’m a free spirit!
Not controlled by society, or any construction thereof
Nor are my feelings instituted by negative emotions, this is just grief
I will swing to my own rhythm, dance to my own songs.
I will walk alone, but with no sadness, because I’m not empty.
I’m made up of many things beyond your reach,
I’m one.
I’m a soul, not a subject,
I will not be treated as such.
I should be allowed to speak before I get shouted down.
I’m not a child, although I do childlike things.
I’m not a dreamer, but I have my fair amount of dreams
I’m not ideal, yet I have my share of idealistic contributions.
I have thoughts, some that I express, and some I wish to withhold,
I will not give admit to narcissism, but I am a narcissist, to a degree.
Am I allowed to dwell in self, if I am my own creation?
You may direct me, but do not own me,
You cannot control my destiny, only I have such power.
I have the power to decide on my life
This is my life, I own this life, it’s all I have, 
I believe in me.
You don’t believe in me, yet I believe in you,
You may love me, but I need to love myself,
No-one is allowed to enter into these parts which are mine.
By doing so you create an enemy within
I’m not my own enemy, nor am I yours.
I don’t fight against my will, or against you
I chose to live my life,
You cannot end it for me.
By trying to be what you cannot be, are you are trying to control
There are no rules here, made up to suit myself.
I’m myself.
I’m not selfish.
You bring out my self-centredness by provoking what is not yours
If you fight against me, I will win, will you cheat?
You can’t walk along the same road as me, it holds only my name,
I don’t walk along yours.
I’m the only one who understands me, I see me, I feel me, I exist.
Watch, but don’t come too close,
I will lie to you.
Don’t interfere with me, I’m the only one who has self-knowledge
The one who understands me.
I don’t ask anything of you
Leave me as you found me.
Give nothing,
Take nothing,
I’m only me.


Welcome to

my private hell

I have these ovaries to sell



inside out

can you hear me





every day

Who am I going to be today?

A devil




Turning into a hormonal witch.

Something creased

my life-cycle

just don’t ask me

how I feel

do you expect them

to understand

destroy yourself

no bigger plan!

It is not worth crying

far too late

I am not dying

just full of hate.

So welcome to

my private hell

you will never understand

oh well!


MedusaMoon 2014


I think I am

I think

Therefore I am.

Do I think

I am


I think I am.

Am I therefore

Who I am.

To be

Or not to be

What is to be

And not to be.

Is to be

What is not to be.

Can I not be

What I cannot be.

Silly little olde me

Trying to be

What I cannot be

Thinking I am

When I am not me.

Not wanting to think

Just trying to be!