Happy is a man who is never understood
Once I saw the light
To my disappointment, it was only a reflection
A reflection of myself in a mirror
After that my life was simplified
I never understood the facts behind science
Silence is my friend
Avoiding the possibility that one day
I would be blinded by the light
Transported into solitude.
 Lonely is the man who understands
I was struck by beauty and blinded
A misunderstood youth, once my greatest love
Didn’t have questions, thought I knew the answers
Once I saw a beast, his beauty was only
The realisation of an outrageous misconduct
I mistook sin for beautiful love
I will pay the price
Happiness and loneliness are not emotions, only metaphors.
 I’ve seen a portrait of love
Never were the reflections true to the art
Constantly looking upwards, never touch the ground
If I ponder love, questions I ask
Deceit is the reason, I have no faith
No expression of how I feel
I understand my own true heart
Misinterpreted by many
Love Kills
It is my life, my own life, or am I really alive
My reasons are part of my misunderstood self
Causing life to be misinformed and complicated
Love may be indifferent to a man who has no soul
Don’t allow my history repeat itself again.
 As when my future comes onto me
Misunderstanding of words and deeds
The real world, I embrace as part of a will to be
The birth of ourselves
History does repeat too often, I find it annihilating
If I were to see all these reasons
Ones that kill, an understanding of birth
I only remember the start not the end
The middle is possibly the part I should hold tight
We are born
If I see this birth in its true essence
I start to understand the meaning of life
Life is the beginning of our greatest death.


  1. Magnificent! I adore your work. It’s often like you read my mind and my heart. Thanx again, Re

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