Nature’s revenge

Ripping brain out, banging head against wall

God, do you ever hear a word I say

Am I crazy, why are all the doors locked?

Do I have a conscience?

Could I refrain from my wrong doings?

Lonely shadow, reflecting my inner sadness

Why so angry, as I scream out at night

No fear for this establishment

It never wore me down

I fight for my identity, I’m not immortal

I’m more than just this state of mind

Screw you, screw this system it drains me

Kill a young single mother, starve their babies

Government produces men in grey suit on conveyer-belts

These plastic crash test dummies are the law

There’s a man on the street selling drugs

To feed his family

There’s a woman selling her soul

For the price of a habit

Junkie gets shot for deal gone wrong

While everyone else is carrying a knife, a gun

All this evolution, right to the extreme

Creating super freaks, in the name of science

We have eaten half the world, but we’re still starving

Nature have you revenge, so bitter sweet

Who do we really think we are?

Self-righteous, self-elected gods

Monkey with a brain

If we think we own this universe,

Then who is really insane?


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