Waterfalls and broken souls

Waterfalls and broken souls

Tainted hearts, try letting go

Together, yet very alone

Ice cold chills to the bone

Fighting for a lost cause

Recapture when all was still

Why did you have to go so far?

I still wonder who you really are

If I had a choice, a voice

Fatalist from the age of ten

Those before you have taught you well

Ran out of tales, of truths, I used to tell

Self-pity, is not a word I chose to use

But pity is felt by all I know

Charity, starts at home I heard

I won’t let you, believe a word

Solutions, we desperate to discover

To feel alive, I don’t need another lover

Freedom is the only sanctuary I seek

The strong destroy the very weak

Waiting for the very end is nigh

I’m so bored of getting high

I have to power to step out if I try

Just in time, before I die


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