Aimless Existence

I am the living dead

Aimless existence, my days

Fight endlessly for another lost cause

Sudden realisation, none of its’ yours

Running through my fingers, dust of my soul

I stare motionless, frozen

Fragile, so precious, until it’s lost

The realisation, how much it cost

I never gasped the chance

To use my gifts to their full extent

Youth is wasted on the youth

My youth is over, but I haven’t began

Self-pity, self-hatred still remains

Left with entire regret

Punished for trying to be me

Why could they not let me be?

Don’t feel like talking no more

Shall not leave the house today

Unexposed feelings I hide

Overcome, by what eats me up inside

Stay hidden, don’t come out to play

If I had to face another blow

Can’t be responsible for how I may react

All kinds of trouble, I’m bound to attract

Where are the answers to the question I hold?

Why are my reasons no longer true?

Must have been asleep, when it turned black

What do I need to do to get my life back?

Already passed the anger, the hurt, the pain

Skipped it all and went straight to destroy

Laying broken, in a million pieces on the floor

In the distance, I think I can see the door

Feel so shattered, incapable of feeling whole

There is nothing you can do to save me

Dissolve and turn into liquid blue

Tell them I’m sorry, there was nothing you could do.


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