Broken, shattered, destroyed, raw

Have I reached the bottom or is there more

Someone, lead me to the door

Tell me what I am fighting for?


Anger, rage, you have no idea at all

Crumbling into the abyss, sinking, I fall

Banging confused head on rock hard wall

Shrinking now, vanish, tiny, little, small.


At last you have what you wanted, well done

While I lay here, feel as if I am bleeding, had your fun?

If I could feel my legs, I would rise up and run

I’d rather place my head, against your loaded gun.


Enough of this hell please let me out

Inside the pain is blocked, won’t allow me to shout

Living for years inside my own doubt

So go on, explain, what’s it all about?


Desperation, anxiety, they drive me insane

Right now I’ll give you back your pain

Bet you never thought you were to blame

While I am on a roll, here have back your shame.


Bully, nasty, evil, destructive, as you grunt

I hide away, you prowl and hunt

Is this what you thought I’d want?

The blade in my heart is worn out, it’s blunt.


Arise I will, stand up and fight

Never again will I wake in the night

Just who gave you the goddamn right

Blinded by you lust, lost my sight


One day you will tumble little man

It’s part of my bigger plan

Your actions made me who I am

Right here, right now, don’t give a damn


Get out of my mind, please get lost

I’ll take my chances, I’ll pay the cost

You are lucky our paths no longer crossed

My soul feels so cold, surrounded by frost


Time I took back what is mine

This was never my sexual crime

I gave you enough of my suffering and time

Everyday I survive, your memory is dying.


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