Exposed, so naked for all to see

I have nothing to hide real me

How will I disguise my pain?

Now I’ll never remain the same


Soul wide open, truth hanging out

Filling up with unbeknown doubt

Where to run, far away

As you analyse everything I say


I feel broken to the core

Still you ask me to expose much more

What happens when I am set free?

Will I be a cleaner me?


I am ashamed of all I just said

Still hear voices inside my head

Filling up with hatred and fear

Still you say to me, you care


I don’t understand this at all

Why you insist on watching me fall

Trying to provoke feelings I forgot to feel

Changing into to another, so real


Hope you know what you are about to do

As I stand wide open, in front of you

Never felt this young, so small

Banging head against invisible wall


I will stay here, if only for a while

However, do not expect a smile

Thank you for allowing me one last chance

The music plays, I start to dance


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