Pinstriped suits

Education, stimulation, all the same to me

Go ahead, poke my eyes out

I’ll still be able to see

Who are you to criticise

And f**k around with me

I was issued, not born

My darkest soul flies free.

Anger, anger, who said anger

I am so f**king mad

For you information

You have just been had

Cast your judgement at me

I think it’s rather sad

You do not know me

But concluded, I am bad?

If I am so dumb, then why possess a brain

If I was not been analysed

Would I claim to be insane

Time to realise life’s no game

Ask me, beg me to confess my number,

NO my name!

Then go ahead, judge me

You silly little prick

I may be a simpleton

But your so f**king thick

And to be quiet honest

I think you’re rather sick


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