innocent child

How long can she walk

In the shadow of her pain

Here comes the anger once again.

How loud does she really have to scream?

Will she be accused of creating another scene?

Secrets she keeps deep inside

How much hurt could that child hide

Could she trust you to believe her lies?

All you ever saw was pain

Behind that child’s eyes

Where do you draw the line?

It hurts her

Who gave you the right?

To touch her

You watch her cry

Yet still hurt her

That innocent child

Not born to be wild

An innocent child

Disguise your love

So to you it makes sense

Then see if society thinks you are just

Try to explain to the mother of that child

What was the meaning of you lust

You are her reoccurring dream

A dream that most would call obscene

But you said that you loved her

So it was alright

Is she still in your nightmares?

You now have each night


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