The spell from beyond!

Angel of darkness, why have you taken me?

You planted inside me an evil seed

Inside my head you have placed haunting dreams

Because of this, I lay here and bleed.

I was in a deep sleep when I felt you presence

You spirit swept over my body, I felt so cold

Then opening my eyes, no sign of you at all

Was it my imagination, my soul I’ve sold

Son of Venus, you call for me, I hear your voice

But only in my dreams, only in my head

If you were to return again, rape my very soul

I lay me down, flowers in my hair, practices playing dead

Our love exists but only within my bed

I’ll wrap my body around you, and I’ll love you all night

When the sun has risen, you’ll have left me alone

If I can’t always see you, let them take away my sight.

I am the living dead, I merely and only exist.

A sleeping child, who sleeps all alone, awaiting you

I will sleep till the end of my time

I will dream only of you, and promise to remain true


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