There must be more than only you

If loving you is all I have,
then doomed I must be
I carve your name across my breast,
for everyone to see
It’s courage now that I seek,
courage to set you free
I am damned, can’t break away,
you meant so much to me.
If yours is the only name I speak,
then speak no more shall I
I’ll cut out my very tongue 
no longer shall I cry
It’s strength I need to say farewell,
no to say goodbye
I don’t think I could carry on,
without you I shall die.
If yours is the only face I see
in my nightmares late at night
I’ll wrap these sheets around my neck
and tie the knot real tight
It’s different dreams I need to fulfil my soul,
if I want to win this fight
You wreak my life, you always will,
although I know it can’t be right
If you are the only one I want,
then tell me what will I do
I will cut out my only heart,
then send it home to you
The rainbows end is what I need
to help me struggle through
If I can’t be with you every day,
may the sky turn black not blue.

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