I won’t let you destroy me,

Nor will you tamper will me soul,

Inside feels just like dying,

Who was it that let you at my heart?

Do you know what it’s like to be lonely?

Gloom hangs around think as soup,

If I could only reach the bottom,

I’d dig myself out of this hole.

Silence becomes my best friend,

With daily sessions on depression,

It’s tearing me up deep inside,

Lost in your charm, lost in world!

Have I allowed myself to lose myself?

As I lay under the floor,

If I could only crawl across the carpet,

If I could only find the door!

Scattered all across the room,

Lay the remainders of my soul.

And all across the walls,

Remainders of my battered brain!

I’m a mess, yes I’m a fucking mess,

I’ve climbed inside-out.

If only I wasn’t in a swim,

I guess then I could call for help.



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