Another tear…how boring!

 Another lonely tear, so boring
Woke up alone again, this morning
The last written tragedy!
Now I recognise, that’s me
Another destructive story
Will end, with no glory
I will not live without hope
And I will always cope
Why allow this loneliness?
Does happiness really exist?
Abandonment, fearful inside
Tenderness, I hide
Purest love, abused
Myself so pathetic, so used
Wish I’d stop this falling
Wait to hear, what’s my calling
No longer that strong
All those dreadful things I’ve done
Blame myself for my behaviour
Are you going to be my saviour?
Need to numb this inner pain
Do people really say that I’m insane?
Abuse myself, to the extreme
More a nightmare, than a dream
Wake suddenly in coldest sweat
Surrounded by greatest regret
There is no where left to hide
Naked, stripped of all my pride
Every time I try to rise
Someone knocks me down to size
Pointless trying to resist
Not sure that I even exist!


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