Loves fist!

Woke, or did I, was I already awake

It was morning, it may have been morning

Unable to tell how long I’d been sleeping

What you left was not worth keeping

I couldn’t move, my body numb

Black and blue from your fist kiss

How much love, to bash in my head?

Another day, I’ll have to hide in bed

My face hurts, so swollen

I think my jaw is broken

No-one can see me in this state

They’ll misread your love, as pure hate

Sober you’re different so gentle, so kind

You beg for forgiveness, and promise last time

You’re so remorseful, with tears in your eyes

Just like the last time, I believe your lies

Yet this time is different, quite different you see

When you leave, go off to work today

Only solution to no longer be your wife

A sacrifice, to take my own life


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