The Ballad of Hollise Brown

I was too young, to hold on,

To what I had been given,

That I was given youth,

A life I did not live in.

Surrendering my greatest love,

In hope of salvation,

To be drawn out on a cart,

Hung for conducting masturbation.

My mouth was dry,

My heart was still,

But all had been forgotten,

I must now haste, time is short,

I’m feeling rather rotten.

Upon that day, when I first woke,

In a state, delirious,

I open up, and tried to speak

But spoke of nothing serious.

I learnt that sweetest dream,

Had stolen my dearest heart,

I refuse to grieve from this news,

Of which I was a part.

I ordered tea and cup cakes,

And loads of honey to pour,

I ate and ate a thousand cake,

Till I could eat no more.

I dressed again, then once again

Just to be sure,

That when I left my perfumed bed,

I would, just him, adore,

He lived within, inside my head,

And never did come out,

I use to hear him deep inside,

And all he’d do was shout.

He gasped my brain within his crawls,

And squeezed it till his end,

But I understood his call,

And went around the bend.


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