These memories of you haunt me

So lonely, thinking of you

Remembering a love, so old

So sweet yet with an evil twist

My blood runs cold

Feeling you, within summer’s air

Breathing you in with sunshine

Missing you grieves me

Days grow longer, you’re not mine

Recall great times together

At mid-summer’s time of year

Feel loss, this time, now empty

I’d do anything to feel you near

Tears announce my sorrow

Our parting, so sober

Feelings I carried all those days

It takes forever to get over

Missing you, every passing moment

Losing you, severe pain

You were so deeply inside my heart

Strange, I do not wish for you again

How did this happen?

Love turned into hate, unreal

I carry on without you

What do you expect me to feel?



  1. so painful and full of emotion. I can feel every once of grief that you have so skillfully written about. 🙂

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