Falling down


Broken, torn, world has fallen down

Wish I could turn around

As I drop down, hit the ground

Pain never makes a sound


Who’s to blame for all this fear?

Who was it that didn’t scare?

Where you actually ever there

Why am I the one to care?


I have loved you with all this heart

I don’t want to live apart

It was broken from the start

Destroying me – it was pure art


But I will live another day

Why does it have to be this way?

I am not trying to make you stay

Can’t bear it if you went away


I should learn to carry on

By now I should have healed, grown strong

Once again I don’t belong

Did we ever get along?


One day I can put this pain to rest

Face it, it’s for the best?

I  didn’t pass your test

Was it all just done in jest?


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