You stand there with crying eyes and you cause another scene,

You told me that you love me but I know where you’ve been.

Why should I listen to all those hurtful things that you say?

If it were up to me, I would have you locked away.

You curse me and I’ll curse you but it all remains the same,

At least I know that this time, I will not receive the blame.

I’ve flown before, I’ve reached the stars and I’ve seen angels weep.

I gave you love, you gave up hope, nothing cuts this deep.

If I close my eyes I recall my life spent by your side,

But now I only wish I had somewhere safe to hide.

You’ll never change, you’ll still remain, the man without a heart,

But I will grow inside myself even though we’ll part.



  1. Wow! My mantra! You read my mind…..I will read this everyday for a while to keep strong in my resolve. Thanx for sharing, Re =D~`

    (PS Just IN THE CASE THAT double lines are not on purpose – hold shift and return for a single spaced line…..)

    • Thank you for the comment, it is great to know that I am not alone with these feelings. And thank you for the advice re: double lines…computers and I are not friends. :~}

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