Shattered, torn, we go to war

I’m not standing here at all

Holding closer to the wall

Watch me stumble as I fall

Love to hate to hate to love you

All my daylight’s completely black

Times you’ve hurt me I’ve lost track

Beyond the point of turning back

Ripping pain, my deepest sorrow

Sleepless night, endless day

Don’t want to leave but cannot stay

Wishing my nightmare went away

Lay this love down, let it die

You and I so far apart

Tomorrow I will have to start

To mend my little broken heart

Right now I sit and mourn

Listening to the falling rain

Waiting on something once again

Wallowing in my bitter pain

Love’s greatest mystery

I once held you every night

All we did was argue, fight

About who’s wrong, who’s right

Leave me now I need to suffer

within my pain, I will grow strong

Knowing I’ve done nothing wrong

Trying to find where I belong

Goodbye now, goodbye forever

I just can’t stand it anymore

Nothing left worth fighting for

I see me walking out the door


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