Domestic Bliss

Domestic bliss

Does not exist

No matter what they say.

The countless nights

I had to feel, the force

Of your fist against my jaw.

Broken ribcage

Five times

maybe more.

Green eyes, once shining

Have deaden.

My once attractive appearance

Has turned into bruises and marks

While scars are now imprinted

Upon my ivory skin.

Beauty,  now deformed.

Yet, I allow you to enter

As if, I begged for this all.

Sirens surrounding

Flashing blue lights

As I lay in a pool

Of my own blood.

Fading in and out

Of consciousness

I watch

as they take you

Away for sentencing.

How long can they

Keep you from me.

The moment you escape

The long arm of the law

You’ll return in a rage

To destroy me once more.

Once strong

I would hope to

Fight back and to prove

That I have a choice.

Not to be so abused.

But to stand up to you

With all of my might

And knock you right down

For justice

my right.

To be free from this

Domestic violence

No-one should endure.

What I need to face

Laid here on the floor

No honour or grace.

As the drag you away

The monster you are

The one who had just

Jumped on my head and

Smash in my face.

MM c 2015



    • Thank you, I wanted to capture the mixture of the hopefulness and destruction of dysfunctional relationships. :~}

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