Agelessness unknown

She daydreams

in multicolour

Delusions of a life she craved

A past forgotten

Only fragments

of her memory remain.

She stops to watch the children play.

In pantomime

being other than they are

masks and masquerade

she stands frozen.

She understands

the meaninglessness of life

staring starkly at her from afar.

No-one told her

life was going to be this way.

She stands frozen

pondering another time

A different existence.

Once she had beauty on her side

Once she had felt alive, yet

time has a cruel way

of creeping upon her

and stealing youth away.



    • Hi, I wrote it in memory of a friend, but guess it is for all woman facing getting old. Thanks for you post.

  1. Suffering, the inherent part of growing older…it is funny how we all have to face the meaninglessness of life at some point ant have to learn how to go on with it. This does an excellent job of making that struggle apparent. Nice!

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