A hunger deep inside keeps burning

Trying to satisfy my need

To be heard, understood

Reach out, steal your heart

Ripe it out of your chest, it’s mine

A taste for life, one too many times

Now this appetite for destruction is all I own

Oblivion is so wonderful

Drifting out of my body onto a higher plane

That’s what motivates me, gets me out of bed

You asked me for truth, but what is truth

Dig a hole big enough and you’ll bury yourself alive

Too many questions are been created

The same answers resonate outwards

When I die, where will I go?

Will I go straight to hell?

I have no fear that remains

Age has created stability, security and self control

Denial, false sense of security

I see straight through you, transparent

I seek out your weakness, you do possess one

Shall I play, control you completely, for a laugh

I’m in a state of confusion, I wrote it all down

My weakness once found became my strength

Existing on another plateau since I saw the light

A flash of white light and my life appeared before me

Insightfulness from standing on that mountain top

No matter how I try, I struggle to feel alive.



  1. I enjoyed this work – ‘My weakness once found became my strength’ an especially nice line. My read of that is once you accept your flaws they lose their hold on you or other people’s exploitation of them.


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