Take away my destiny

oh god

what have I done to me

so blind

I did not want to see

My life was not my own.

This pain

never goes away

I want you

to come out to play

I waited for you everyday

I sit here all alone.

Questions they come

answers they go

The right the wrong

will never know

I take yet

another blow

by now

I should be prone.

If only

I had someone to blame

I refuse

to play this game

I have no choice

what a shame

Just want to be alone.

I hold no sadness

carry no joy

I am neither a girl

nor a boy

one thing is for sure

I am not your fucking toy

not something that you own.

MedusaMoon 2014



    • I read your poem and agree that we seem to have dealt with similar frustrations that others have decided was our choice. Thanks for the comment. :~}

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