She was dying to be held

My God, she felt so lonely

Too embarrassed, to explain

The reasons for her pain.

Bruised and batted

Dress all torn

With echo’s of “If only”

Sorry state

For all to see.

She sat there all alone

“I told you so”, her mother’s voice

Running round inside her head.

Another victim, another saga

A disapproving frown.

She asked for it, now surely

Dressed, as if she were a whore

Chitter, chatter, so accusing

Voices bring her down.

How dare they say

It was her fault

Regardless of consequence.

Instead of blaming her

They should be on her defense.

“NO is NO”, and that’s a fact

Despite any circumstance.

If a female, can’t refuse a man

None of us, will stand a chance!


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