I think

I’ll start again

I feel

this life is broken

enough of all this pain


oh, so tough.

I want a clean slate

erasing all past memoirs

they haunt me anyway

so what is the fucking point?

Sailing through this life

all mystery and mayhem

rebelling against the order

the one that castrates me.

It is hard to be a man

so sentimental and fluffy

not allowed to be


gentle or kind.

The others take the piss

they tense

they taut

they hurt me

all because I feel

I carry so much shame.

It’s hard to be a man

to fight for what I believe in

when all I want to do

is prove

I am not insane.



  1. trust me Medusa there are days i feel exactly the same. im still not sure what the point of our existence is.

  2. There is no shame in being true to yourself. The shame lies with people who judge others lives. You are your own best friend because nobody knows you better than yourself – I really like this emotive and original piece of poetry, glad you are you to share it.

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