Even Your Blue Eyes!

He was hurt

by my rejection

I pretended

I had not seen.

He asked,

where I was going

So I told him

where I had been.

He offer me a proposal

Then begged me

to come clean

So I told him

about my husband

Then he said

“what does that mean?”

Even your blues eyes

could not hold me

Those tears you shed

Won’t make me stay

You money

does not control me

I must leave this place today

He confessed

his love for me

I laughed,

as he did lie

He said

he’d make me happy

Well, I’d like to see him try

For me he’d cross all oceans

And even reach the sky

The times

I’ve heard these tainted lies

This time I think

I am going to cry

Even your blue eyes

could not hold me

Those endless

untruthful things you say

Close the door

return to my bed

Tomorrow is another day.



  1. Oh – this is so longing in form and yet sad to know the encounter is to end and know how strong the persona needs to be. I love “Even your blue eyes/could not hold me ..” This poem is lovely.

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