Sweetest Love?

You just depart

no farewell kiss

salty tears

taste divine

rolling onto my lips.

Shaking in my hand

last words

scribbled down

words melt

tear stained marks

I rip your note to strips.

Read these lines

a million times

wrote them

two million before

returning is no bargain

deserted again!

We met

I knew

it was not forever

why did you leave so soon?

I thought

this time is different

not another role

another game.

What shall I do

these letters you wrote

throw them away.

Do I reread them

till well revised

then burn

my heart instead

Your ghost

haunts me

every night

every day

Even if it abandoned me

You would live

inside my head.

Who will replace

your kisses

hold me

I am so alone

What shall I do

with this space

beside me

hollow space

empty room

I shall not replace

you my lover

you loved me so well

The guilt lingers on

of what I destroyed

inside my womb.

No sweet love

I shall not forget

not until

you’re dying day

Every time

the sun sets

day beaks

night falls

May they all remind you

this love for you

was always true.

Remain with me

if only in my thoughts

there you will always stay

I will not scare

when your spirit moves over me

it will be my delight

We will always be together

inside my heart

my soul

my head

You will forever love me,

if only in my dreams

as I lay tonight

inside your bed.


©   MeduseMoon 2012



  1. i’d say burn the letters and pack your heart in a warm blanket to gain some strength again…painful and felt write..

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