Nobody’s fool!

Try to understand

I am not as brave

as I may seem.

While my heart breaks

I am dangerous.

I can hear her laughing

in the back ground.

One day

she’ll be wailing

I won’t be around.

I’m nobody’s fool

What the hell

are you playing at?

Please don’t be

so cruel

Why can’t you

come right out

and say it

I can take it.

This bed grew
so much larger

And now winter

feels so cold

the smell of the rain

in the wind haunts me.

claws of betrayal

have settled deep

into the ground

I wait

for footsteps

to enter

this house

has no sound.

spread like wild fire

So then tell me

what’s her name?

I know that you

will not return.

It was written

in her love letters

that I found

All placed together

scarlet ribbon bound.



  1. Curb stomp his cheating face! Haha
    I really hope your valentines isn’t actually reflecting this and is filled with sweetness!

    • Thank you…my valentines was cool, I write to have a voice for those who live in these situations. :~}

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