The last time

I will feel this way

quite honestly

I hold no interest

in what you say.

All I wanted

was for you

to stay away

I struggle

to face another day.

The way

I see it

you want another war

I do not have the strength

to fight anymore

I cannot remember

who we are doing this for

I am left feeling

completely raw.

You are so funny

I laugh until I cry

This complete torment

do you remember why?

I could change

if we try

But as for living with you

I would rather die.

All you need to do

is to set me free

You no longer have

a hold on me

I will take this change

to run away

to flee.

Take a step back

and the entire picture



MedusaMoon 2014



  1. i think we are better off alone than being with the wrong person. loved this one Medusa.

  2. Face it
    You got lost
    You drove into a cul de sac

    Time to reverse out
    and continue down a new road
    that isn’t a dead end

    (or at least not until
    you’ve done some decent living

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