Butterflies and Moonbeams



In the dark


Waiting for the end.

My time

Spent concealed

In my cocoon of despair.

Wanting to feel

The sun

Upon my translucent skin.

Brightest colours

Big and bold

One day

I will begin.

Every caterpillar

Has a chance

To be the butterfly.

So I’m told

Therefore I wait

In coldest days

Till I shall fly.

Until my wings

Of gold unfold

I dream of moonbeams in the sky.

The ugly caterpillar

I may be

Until my cast does break.

Then I will shine

Yes, I shall be

The butterfly, awake!




  1. Some times are for action. Other times are for faith, trust, dreaming, planning and preparing. We grow through activity, but also through reflection. Who decided to view the caterpillar as “ugly”? And who has the power to change that way of looking at things?


    My apologies …
    You became perfect
    After all
    Just as soon as I looked at you properly

    (From “The Book Of Guff”.)

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