Half Moon.

Engraved upon my soul

Memories of you.

Dreaming, drifting

I wondering past

the house

where we once lived.

Where home fires burnt

yet, now I see

another flame

does glow.

At a glance

into a window

another face

not mine.

Living in another time

hear my cries

I feel I am dying.

Still need your touch

Forbidden, forgiven

forsaken,  alone.

Tears roll down

sunken cheeks

on pale face.


I hurt.

Decisions made

in moments haste

The last look

on your most

handsome face.

The past should

remain in the

corners of my

sub-conscious mind.

For they are

too painful

too  soiled

forgotten, lost.


I banished from my heart

these exhausted dreams

As only pieces

of my broken heart


MM c 2015



  1. dang…lots of heartfelt emotions in here…and deep pain…hard if that happens…very raw write..

  2. i love your style. keep it up. get it all out.

    a reply to your post on my “gone writing”
    thank you !!! ive been away and not writing until yesterday; ive moved to buenos aires, and the acclimation period is over ! so now i can start on the book.. when its finished ill send you a copy. if you like 🙂

    take care.. peace

  3. Hey, I just wanted to say Thank You for Following “The Dark Globe”… It’s June Follower Appreciation Month over there, you should Check it out


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