A spark beneath

the darkness,

my hopelessness

a glimmer.

The start

of hope, new beginnings

future, past and closure of

what’s left behind,

a mask

who I used to be.

My flame was dim

barely visible

yet, someone saw it

small and low

they blew onto my spark

all possibility

and now I see my disregarded soul.

Hope was there today

if only for today

it is the start

the road I choose to travel.

I am not alone

I have the very part of me

I hide it well

empty and so distant.

Full of shame

guilt ridden to the core

yet on this day

I found acceptance.

Forgiveness came

if only for a moment

it is a start

of what may be foreseen.

Just for today

I felt I had a reason

to be alive

and not only existing.

I seek out truth

so I can find my reason

purpose to be

more than

who I am!

MM C 2015


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