My blessings are immeasurable

I sit in silence

and reflect on my life.

Encircled by such beauty and light

I hold gratitude for food provided

and the shelter that houses my soul.

Inside this space

there is comfort and warmth

I feel contented and protected.

I hold this immense love inside

Love that shines outwardly

To those around me,

some whom I invite into my life,

and others, whom I now cautiously avoid.

I hold huge affection for those who,

in the past, have demonstrated

a sense of non-judgemental understanding

and who offered me a chance.

I carry compassion and kindness

for anyone who crosses my path.

On my journey into recover

My beautiful existence

Today, I feel alive

I experience joyous and peaceful bliss.

Yet, I am humbled by those individuals

who still struggle to come to terms

with their painful pasts.

The hell that they have had to endure,

The hell they will still experience in

whilst in addiction.

Inspired by their resilience and inner strength

In a world so full of suffering.

And all I can offer is this message

That regardless of your plight

I hear you

I see you.

And there is always hope,

there is purposefulness,

there is a wondrous life!

One day,

I hope that you too will give yourself a chance

and step into the light.

Abandon your self-destructiveness

and walk the road into recovery.

Because I am worth it,

And you are worth it too.

Accompany those of us

who travel this journey into recovery

Where life is simple,

and you are free.

MedusaMoon © 2012


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