By holding on to the seemingly injustice i feel that others have perhaps ‘put upon’ me, thus causing me to harbour resentments.

I cause myself to be at dis-ease…

However, by letting go of projection and blame, i am able to free my ego from these thoughts and release these emotions. I am then more able to accept my part in the situation. For it may seem easier to cast blame than to own my part, but i have learnt through self-awareness that i can compassionately forgive who i feel have 
wronged me and thus liberate myself.


Medusa 2013


Seeking Truth!

Sometimes we need to be ‘stuck’ at a certain point in time, to be able to reflect and acknowledge who we are, how were got to be at this point and how we will be more than, or less than, we presently feel we are.

To be able to move forward, sometimes we need to go backwards. 

Stillness can be the place to find the resolution we seek, and we may not find the answers, yet believe that we have the inner knowledge to move forward. To hold faith that we shall travel a journey, that need not have a end in view, but a journey that is full of wonder and awe. 

That in itself is the beauty of life. Life is a gift, and here in the present, we shall find truth.


Medusa 2013