His inner distress

encompassed me

I sat silent

unable to console


or offer solace.

He means the world to me

yet is unable to see

his beauty.

Amazingly creative

gentle, warm and kind.

My heart cries out to him

locked inside his detached mind.

Frustrated, depressed, alone

trying to relate

a world of confusion

struggles to understand

why he is different to I.

I wish to be a mirror

for his grace and awe

so he will notice

what I notice

fantastical, special man.

All my compassion and empathy

falls down around his feet

unable to relate to me

thus part of his defeat.

Be strong enough

to stand by his side

and offer him

unconditional loving nurture.

whilst ask for nothing in return

my challenge

as I learn to be with him.

He evokes me

my soul ablaze

I shine within his company.

He offers me

divine consolation

whenever the plight

of meaninglessness

surrounds me.

A gift

this man

whom I so need.

To walk beside me

as my friend.

In a world gone mad

it is he who permits me

to see the sense of it.

How cruel

that he can offer me

a universe of

wonderment and splendour.

While he is blind

to his own magnificence

or is able to see me

reflect his phenomenon.

My dearest friend

whom I called JB

I wish that you could feel

All that I see in thee.

MedusaMoon  © 2013


Joseph #2

In isolation

he suffers

the burning sensation

consumes his mind.

Clutching his brain

within his hands

removing all contents

just stop.

Behind an invisible

glass menagerie

staring outward at the world

pleading with me to relate

regardless how hard I try

I fail time again.

Fading fast

into a world

of misunderstood chaos.

The child within his being

disconnected, abandoned, unbeknown

tormenting daydreams

silent blood-curling screams

don’t leave me on my own.

To experience interconnectedness

I see, you have, not me.

Years of disillusion, confusion

“What the hell is wrong with me?”

Retracing steps

to gain a sense

of who he used to be

helplessness, hopelessness, desperation.

Night turns into day

“Why am I here?”

Countless unanswered questions

a continual battle to survive.

Oh how he saddens me

as he is just the most

amazing man,

so gifted, artistic, autistic, musician, magician,

Joseph…I so wish that you

could see

how brightly you shine.

MedusaMoon  © 2013