Joseph #2

In isolation

he suffers

the burning sensation

consumes his mind.

Clutching his brain

within his hands

removing all contents

just stop.

Behind an invisible

glass menagerie

staring outward at the world

pleading with me to relate

regardless how hard I try

I fail time again.

Fading fast

into a world

of misunderstood chaos.

The child within his being

disconnected, abandoned, unbeknown

tormenting daydreams

silent blood-curling screams

don’t leave me on my own.

To experience interconnectedness

I see, you have, not me.

Years of disillusion, confusion

“What the hell is wrong with me?”

Retracing steps

to gain a sense

of who he used to be

helplessness, hopelessness, desperation.

Night turns into day

“Why am I here?”

Countless unanswered questions

a continual battle to survive.

Oh how he saddens me

as he is just the most

amazing man,

so gifted, artistic, autistic, musician, magician,

Joseph…I so wish that you

could see

how brightly you shine.

MedusaMoon  © 2013


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