Love’s Dance!

Destructive existence

a chosen destiny?

painfully persistence

how love

was meant to be?

your twisted resistance

finally destroyed me

hear this torment

held deep inside.

I cannot wash

your pain away

or even hold

this blame someday

nor promise our nightmare

will fade away

so I can hold you

in these arms.

In love’s life-time

I strove to be strong

desperately wanting

to belong

love so cold

your heart felt wrong

never-ending dances

to love’s last song

hours sat in silence

faded love has gone.

Feelings of loss

I cannot explain

Consistent heartache

drove me insane

an eternalised battle

walk or refrain?

show me where

to start

I need time

time to heal

wounded soul

your love unreal

when it is my turn

to deal

I try not to


your heart.

© MedusaMoon 2013


This Man!

This man!

Fear subsides

I see him now

clearer than


Within this man

lies love

so treasured.

I choose to hide

no more.

My child inside

so frighten.


of pain, sorrow

and of joy

Yet, after one  night

wrapped inside of him



I arose

once more.

Out of the darkness

bitter sadness



Into his arms

so strong


oh him

I long to hold.

I need him

so brightly beautiful,

his shining star

my guiding light.

I was lost

without purpose

until the moment

I meet his grace.

The instant

I glanced

upon his most

handsome face.

C  2013 MedusaMoon