This Man!

This man!

Fear subsides

I see him now

clearer than


Within this man

lies love

so treasured.

I choose to hide

no more.

My child inside

so frighten.


of pain, sorrow

and of joy

Yet, after one  night

wrapped inside of him



I arose

once more.

Out of the darkness

bitter sadness



Into his arms

so strong


oh him

I long to hold.

I need him

so brightly beautiful,

his shining star

my guiding light.

I was lost

without purpose

until the moment

I meet his grace.

The instant

I glanced

upon his most

handsome face.

C  2013 MedusaMoon



  1. A very emotional poem; thanks for sharing this. I have followed your blog so I can read more later on. Great work!

    I have a writing blog that I started after self-publishing my first novel. Please check it out and share your writing experiences with me!

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