Oh brightest star

Oh brightest star

how she would shine

more brightly

in most darkest night.

Until one eve

she met the moon

who shone

most magnificent

losing her sight.

Hence there forth

through every tide

she would gaze

upon his splendour.

The moon would cast

her but a glance

beautifully tender.

A loveaffair


tide to tide

She would settle close

afloat by his left side.

Over time

her own sparkle

become so small and dim.

Her energy diminished.

she was fading

knowingly accepting

this love affair had finished.

Losing all purposefulness

forgetting the true meaning of hope.

Dreams would fade

along with the belief

that by his side

she would cope.

The reason for her existence

to bath within his spark

to offer up her light for him

so he could shine

more brightly

in the dark.

He noticed her

more rarely now

as his affections

began to dither.

He bore of her

tiny spark

soon she would fade

and wither.

Insignificant was she

compared to all his beauty.

Staying true to him

an unspoken duty.

One day, she started to die

as all stars do

thought it was his making.

Turning cold

with each full moon

her broken soul

was aching.

Time passed

she did try

to rekindle her shining.


this became

stars do not understand dying.

Once upon a time

a star must disengage

to become

more than just a star.

To be the shooting star at night

so full of promise

greater than the moon by far.

As they plummet to the earth

a wish upon

Shepard’s guide

Wiseman’s promise

lover’s dream

a supernova in the sky.

Outshining even

the fullest moon

whilst gently passing by.

Oh brightest star


whom she was meant to be

before she lost her fight.

For one moment

she became

the most magnificent vision

in darkest night.

MedusaMoon 2014