Maybe one day

you will understand what it feels like

to walk in my shoes.

Perhaps a time will come

when I will be able to fit into your shoes too!

As I stand in front of you

I see a reflection of myself.

The parts I like

the bits I detest.

So when I judge you am I not judging me?

For we are all made from the same stardust

One interconnected source of love!

If only we knew

would we love each other more?

MM c 2015


in life
people say things that they shouldn’t.
people wish they had said something
before the moment passed.
people wait their whole life
wanting to say something
but cannot find the courage.
it is just too late
to say those
“three little words”
that can change everything
or nothing.
I wish I knew how to say what I felt….

MedusaMoon  c 2015