Unrequited Love!

Wander through my mind

corridors of my despair.

Capture these deepest, darkest

thoughts I hold of you.

Feel this shiver

that traces my entire body

as I read your words.

Grasp the essence of my desire.

I can almost feel your warm breath

as if it dances on my skin.

I have never wanted someone

to touch me

as desperately

as I want you!

A tear rolls down my cheek

a sadden sign

I dream of you

my unobtainable love.

I hold this constant hopefulness

that one day

one day!

Alas, my romantic heart is eternally punished

it seems deemed that I shall die

with a heart

full of unexpressed love.

MedusaMoon 2015



Summer Loving!

I woke,
to find him near me.
I touch his skin
feeling his warmth.
Moving closer
he stirs.
he enters.
His hardness
firm and bold.
intimate love.
The sun shines
through the window
A beautiful start
to the day!
MM 2015