My entire life
I waited
to find you
but now
that I have
I can only
love you
from afar
watch you
from a distance
my empty heart
has broken
my lonely soul
for your touch…
MM 2015

Morning Awakes!

We lay awake 
as the sun rose
spoke of the forthcoming day,
I rubbed your back
as you spoke
whilst enjoying
 just listening 
to the musical tones
in your voice.
Roll over 
kiss me
hold me tight 
once more
before you 
get out of bed.

My name is Hope!

A new days dawns,
she brings with her
the promise of new beginnings
May this encourage you to let go of the old
outdated remains of the day just past.
Regardless of what face yesterday wore
staying there in contemplation will only cause deeper suffering.
Embrace this day
as if it was the last.
Inhale this gift called life
let every breath you take be a reminder
of the beauty of your creation,
the essence of your individual, free spirited being.
You are love!

MM 2015


My wish today is that you experience the beauty of your pure essence.

May the eternal love of universal surround you,

so that it can light your way out of the darkness.

May you shine as brightly as the stardust that is the framework of your creation.

May you know that you will never be alone, for we are one with all living organisms.

The universe is inside you and you are love.

MM 2015