A Love Letter to my Heart.

Dear self, no longer am I going to inform you that you are not good enough. I will refrain from the constant abusive nature in which I talk to you. I will stop seeing only the faults within this amazing machine called your body. I shall stop the ritualistic insults on a daily basis thus telling you that you are fat, ugly and need to have more self-control. Staving you of the nurture provided by nature, staving you of love!

No longer will I doubt your amazing gift called intuition by forcing you to believe the propaganda poured onto you though the medium of media. I promise to stop telling you that you are a stupid idiot and never going to amount to anything. When I start the broken record of insults that eternally plague you, I will notice them running around inside your head and meet you with loving understanding and compassion. Because if I cannot treat you with self-respect, then how can I ever find the tools to be respectful towards another.

So I say to you, self, you are an amazing, crazy, funny child of the universe, you have the right to resign in this place and reach the potential you have set for yourself. Use a river to notice your reflection, as it runs deeper than the shallow mirror, mirror on the wall. Rise up each time you fall, be the only who cares the most, be the friend you need, be free to be Me.

If we all adopted this attitude with humble humanity…imagine! MM15



  1. I do not know you, but I can tell you have a beautiful heart. Truth is, we all do, and it is the knowledge of this that helps us enjoy living our own lives.

    This was a beautiful read. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, you too have a beautiful heart, as to recognise one, one must have one too.

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