As an innocent child, I was awash with wonder. I could spend hours lost in creative contemplation, I had an imagination that bore all possibilities and held love for every person who entered into my day. Life was great and time just a concept, I was fully present and experiencing the beauty of life!

So how did I grow up so full of judgement, hatred, anger, self-righteous indignation, fear, shame, self-loathing and so forth (the list is endless).

What happened to the beautiful child within us all and how do we return to our most authentic way of being? It saddens me BUT there is hope, as I disregard all the BS that others taught me, as I see the systems upon systems within systems, systems that are there to entice me, seduce me, invite me, corrupt me, tell me how to be, think, talk and believe. As I travelled, deep inside into the essence of my soul, just behind the heart chakra, there I found my vulnerable, unconditioned authentic self known to me as my inner child. I invite her to reinvent herself in her truest form, to be that child within, to be free, to create, to speak out and even shout, to cry, to laugh, to BE.

Then something amazing happened, I saw the world through those innocent eyes, and for the first time, I knew LOVE.

People are going to let you down, because no-one can maintain the superficial sainthood placed upon them. Therefore, become the hero in your own story, fight for the cause that leads to your own effect.

Try to forgive the fallen angels and saints, but most importantly, learn compassionate understanding and we will see that everyone has a tale to tell. We are all just trying to make sense of the chaos and weave our way through the illusion of this fantastical life.

I forgive myself with loving kindness for the lack of understanding known as ignorance, fear of the unknown, judgemental projection and the constant accusing of others for my unaware constant mistakes. I take control of the tiger and the bull by his horns, for this is my life story, and from this day, I am going to shine. MM 2015



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