Life is not as complicated as we make it!

If emotion is ‘only’ energy-in-motion, then why are we using medication to suppress a natural process?

Surely we need to look back at the way our ancestors supported each other and used natural substances such as herbs and TLC to resolve emotional distress. Not to place a label on a process we fear and do not understand, that neatly leads to a system of more medication and labelling…chicken, egg??

Those wise elders, they did not believe children should be seen and not heard but let them express themselves freely. They did not use others for their personal gain whist allowing them to live in depressing circumstances and to beg for food and water.

No, the wise sage used a natural balanced diet to regulate moods and nurture the body, herbs to soothe the restless souls and comfort to console an aching heart.

The community was used to develop close functional equal relationships where everyone had a important part to play within the structure of the tribe. No-one was excluded regardless of their dysfunctionality or inability to perform.

It is not rocket science, neuroscience but the science of compassion and interconnectedness, kindness and love, for self and the other. It is the innate drive to reach our full potential, and everyone did, everyone was a hero in the story, the ending was always a successful one at the end of each day. This is the kind of world I would like my children to grow up in.

We are amazing in our human development but in the race to be important, we seem to have forgot the most important need for humanity….


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