The Warrior

How can we learn to trust our innate ability to develop and heal if our environment does not support our journey. If we are constantly been told that there is something wrong with the way we view the world, you kind of going to believe it as you are unaware.

Until we do really become ‘mentally’unwell, then we may have began the ‘long dark journey of the soul’, as we start to question that very environment that conditioned us. At this stage, we need courage to stand against a system that is broken and find others who too have reached the point of no-return.

There is an movement of ‘enlightened beings’ who are awakening and we need to reunite to become strong, to seek the truth and oppose what does not make sense on our intuitive level. The entire universe is inside each of us, you do not know how powerful you really are until you go inward, what have we got to loose, give it a try.

As a warrior of the universe and a child of unconditional love, I stand up against all that I have been taught and start to question everything. I do not need courage because I understand GRACE and I have walked in the valley of death for so long, that I have become fearless. I fill my heart with gratefulness and as I become one with all that is, I too become more compassionate. The weapons we need to fight those ignorant armies are not guns but our ability to be the greatest force of all – unconditional love and acceptance.

There will be those you understand and will join me and others who fear the truth, but we all have our own journey. May we find our truth! The Warrior in me respects the warrior in you.


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