When I decided what I wanted to be in this lifetime, the powers that be asked me if I knew what I was volunteering to do.

“Yes”, I said, “I want to be an empath”.  “I want to be able to feel everything to the extreme; I want to be able to sense what others are feeling and have the ability to show them the way”.

Stern faces glanced at me and then they replied, “This is your journey into this life, so we will grant you your wish”.  “However, before you go, we will offer you some guidance, people may not always understand you, they may use you, abuse your good nature, laugh at you as you weep at everything that presents as being painful, they will not always understand”.  “Then there are those who will try to control you, manipulate you, medicate you and lock you up, beware.” “As you take your leave, you will forget this information”. “Now go in peace and love”.

So life went, but not according to my greatest plan, in fact, I felt a failure…one day, after years of trying but getting nowhere, I reached the bottom of a rocky road and fell to the floor and wept. “Why have you forgotten me, this is not the life I asked for, why do you punish me, why am I a victim to this life, why have you stopped loving me”……”I do not want to play your game anymore”…..

The Valley of death, the long dark night of the soul, internalised hell…………………I had given up…suddenly, a spark, a light broke through my darkest soul, and this is what I heard.

“Stand up child, I have never left your side, I have keep you alive despite the odds, you tried to destroy yourself time and time again, I picked you up, brushed you off, and gave you the courage to carry on”…..”Come back into my light, as you are love”

I replied “I understand”……MM c2015



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