Nature’s Orchestra

Today, I implore

take a moment

to notice the world

than surrounds us

watch how the sun

gracefully rises

at dawn

kissing away those

grey clouds

so they blush

turning into

a wash of

pinks and reds

as they lose their

darkness thus

allowing the

light to shine


a new morn

listen to the

birds singing

in melodic


they are not

in completion

to see who can

sing louder



no, they all

join in to

complement each other

singing love song

to the morn

notice how the

mist dances

in the wind

see how she

teasing him

with her elegant


until he blows

her away with

his passion

every day

nature teaches

us how to

live in tranquillity

we use to be

a part of this


creating sweet music

so tell me

how did we

lose sight

of our creation

this truly

saddens me!


MM C 2015


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