Truest Love!

She danced with


dressed in

scarlet lace

as hidden parts

of disgraceful

unfulfilled needs

creates lustful

desire to please

the men who

fell at her knees

she talked to


as they wove

wicked webs

in a secret place

collecting hearts


body parts

spun delicately

devouring men

fallen from grace

she ran though

wild flowers

creating fantasies

a colourful dream

stories of the fool

the hero, the joker

not forgetting

the king and queen

she wore

a sliver slipper

as the glass ones

were all broken

her tiny feet would

bleed blood red

as her unmet needs

were painful felt

her words

remained unspoken

her romantic heart

held a love

for him

this man disguised

as a king

so much glory

his crown


worn with

false pride

she notice a ring

upon his brow

the weight

of his falsehood

cut deeply into

his frown

a voice inside him

silently cried

I need you

to liberate

me from

this unwanted


this is not

who I choose to be


can you free me

her wicked heart

softened as

she understood

his pain

for a life time

or more

she has worn

this hurt

this shame

not fitting into



of the norm

though their

deepened understanding

compassion was

beautifully born

gracefully she

offered him

her hand

as they waltzed

into the

darkest night

the evening star

made a secret


to offer them

some light


are not born

in myths

or stories of

false hopeful bliss

no, they are created

with intimacy

allowing another

to meet

our vulnerability

once they can touch

our open wounds

with love so real

then we will know

true amour

the ability to

help each other



MM c 2015


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